NFL London 2018 Fixtures

The NFL London 2018 fixtures are awesome!

The NFL London 2018 fixtures have been announced. The tickets for the NFL London 2018 fixtures are now sold out for all 3 games so the only way to get a hold of tickets is through resale sites.

NFL London 2018 will be made up of 3 awesome fixtures taking place in London with Raiders, Seahawks, Titans, Chargers, Jaguars and Eagles all playing a regular season matchup in the UK.

This is a first NFL London trip across the atlantic for the Tennesee Titans, the Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Chargers and the Seattle Seahawks who are all expected to bring good numbers with them whilst also giving UK based fans the chance to see them all up close and personal. The NFL has been growing in popularity over here in the UK since the first game in 2007 and it is great to see 3 games for NFL London 2018, in a Tickermaster poll it was voted the best sporting event in the UK for 2017.

The tickets for the NFL London 2018 fixtures are now available for two of the three games.  You can get tickets for the Chargers vs Titans and for the Eagles vs Jaguars. The tickets for the Raiders vs Seahawks are on sale now too.